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Monday, August 29, 2011

Expressive Little People

Once again it has been way too long since I posted anything!  We have had a two year old birthday party and been a part of 3 family weddings.  My brother got married back on July 2.  My first-cousin Will was married on July 30, and my sister got married up in St. Louis, MO on August 6.  Our little family of four has finally recovered from our season of weddings, and we are ready to jump into our busy fall schedule.

Kevin is going to be helping with a ministry to college students at the University of Montevallo two nights a week, and I'll be helping to lead a girls small group for our little youth group.  ( To any former Raiders girls who might be reading this...I miss you :) ).  And the two little tornadoes who keep me very busy each and every day are growing like weeds!  Here are a few pics of my expressive little people...

My works of art for the birthday party

Weston was SO excited about blowing out his candles

Thank you to the inventor of the cupcake!  Yummy and just right for two year old hands!

William is definitely an expressive child...and also loud (I know, I know...I wonder where he gets that trait)

Out visiting the chickens...

Weston said "cheese" but  refused to look at the camera then he decided he would look at the camera because he needed to show me how leaves fall from the sky.  This kid makes me laugh!

And Weston's new!

Here's to growing up too fast!