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Sunday, November 28, 2010

How Quickly I Forgot

My oldest boy is only 16 months old, but it has been amusing to me that I have so quickly forgotten what it was like to have an infant.  I KNOW that a lot happens in those first months of life, but it is so glaring to me at the moment because I can see the big differences in my two little boys.

Here is Weston now with his favorite new boots.
And enjoying his favorite pastime of pushing the white stool all over Mimi and Granddaddy's house.
And here is that same little boy about 15 1/2 months ago...CRAZY!

As far as I can remember (which might not be that well), William seems a lot like his brother.  He can be rather expressive.  He's slept well, cried loudly, and been somewhat of a lazy eater (which is funny Weston was that way considering that he is NOT a lazy eater now!).  But here are a few "new baby" things that I've begun to remember...

1. Infants are really floppy - those little spastic arms and head will surprise you!

2. Praise the Lord they can sleep through just about anything.  William has already visited 2 restaurants in his 11 days of life and he slept beautifully.  Weston didn't go to a restaurant with us until he was like 3 months old.  Oh how things change with the second child :)!

3. It is a pain to change a diaper and have to avoid that little piece of the umbilical cord.  I can't wait for that thing to fall off!

4. Breast feeding might be cheap but it is sure painful for those first few weeks.  William better appreciate all those nutrients and antibodies he's getting!!

5.  How wonderful 4 straight hours of sleep can be.  Maybe one day I'll get 5 straight hours of sleep again!

6.  How absolutely precious new born babies can be - I don't think I really forgot that but it hasn't been something I've pondered the past year or so.  Here are a few precious pictures of William from the last couple of days...

Loving my new little man,

Thursday, November 11, 2010

And he shall be called...

Well the Corley family is 6 days away from the birth of our second boy.  Weston graced us with his presence 15 1/2 months ago after a long labor and eventual C-section.  Because of that, we have this next little guy's arrival scheduled.  He could surprise us and come early, but that is okay because he does now have a name.

William Taylor Corley

Now some may ask if we are doing a "first letter thing" since we will have a Weston and a William.  No...our third son will not be Wayne or Wendell.  Both of our sons are named after people and they just happen to start with the same letter.

Weston is my mother's maiden name and his middle name, Michael, is Kevin's middle name.

Our second little boy is named William after William Frances Joseph III and his son Will the IV.

Billy was Kevin's RUF campus pastor at the University of Alabama and he was the first man to clearly explain and exemplify the gospel for Kevin.  What a blessing you are Billy Joseph!  We love you!  Billy's son, Will, is one of Kevin's best friends and is a constant voice of encouragement and wisdom in his life.  Two great men of God!

Now the middle name took us more time.  Kevin was all about using the full Joseph name of William Frances, but since Frances is a girls name in my family I just couldn't go along with it :)!  We deliberated over 4 different family names and Taylor won out.

Taylor is my paternal grandmother's maiden name - Julia Taylor Cushman.  The Presbyterian lineage in my fam comes through the Taylor family, and more importantly just a lot of spunky, fiesty, friendly, wise, and Godly character.

Anyone of you who have met my darling G'mom Cushman know what I'm talking about.  She has more energy then I'll ever have.  She's a wonderful example of a loving wife.  She is always an encouragement to me. And she hiked Lookout Mountain in Montreat, NC when she was 81 years old.  How cool is that?!?

I'm looking forward to meeting my little William in less than a week.  And I'm even more excited to see how God is going to use William in the lives of those around him.

Baby Mama Love,

Saturday, November 6, 2010

Southern Weather

I love being from the south.  I am a southern girl and rather proud of it!  Dalton, GA was home for 20 years and now I consider Birmingham, AL to be home.

One thing about the south that I love is the weather.  Now don't get me wrong.  I don't enjoy the hot hot July-August part of summer because I definitely sweat like a man.  But I love the springs and falls in GA and AL!  And I love that it doesn't usually get too cold during the wintertime.

This year has been a bit different though.  It has been unseasonably hot for October (no good) here in good ole B'ham.  But what a difference a week can make!  It was in the 80s last weekend but the cold has moved in and we have dropped ever so slightly below freezing this weekend!

Weston would like to illustrate for you the difference in the two weekends.

Well, this picture really has nothing to do with the weather, but Weston wanted to show off his favorite new hat.  Yes that is a swim diaper that he discovered and I fashioned it as his hat.  He wore it around for a good 15 minutes.

Okay, back to the weather.  Last weekend we were in Gulf Shores and Mobile and it felt warm enough outside to go for a little swim.

 Man, that swim diaper would of come in handy!

Never mind!  Who needs a swim diaper when you can just skinny-dip in the ocean at the end of October :)!

Now fast-forward one week.  Oh the times they are a-changing!

Now we are all bundled up for daddy's race.  No nude swimming on this southern November weekend!

Love from Dixie,

Thursday, November 4, 2010

Dear Cracker Barrel, Thank you for being wonderful!

October was a rough month for the Corley Family blog!  Hopefully November will keep all 3 of my blog readers more entertained!

As a family we have been traveling a lot lately. Job interviews. Family weddings.  Road trips to Michigan.  We've had lots of family adventures.  But one tried and true thing that we have been able to count on whether we are in Alabama, Georgia, Mississippi, Tennessee, North Carolina, or Indiana is that wonderful brown, yellow, and white sign that declares "A Cracker Barrel Old Country Store is just a ahead".

Now if you had asked me 6 months ago if I'd ever been to the Cracker Barrel website I would of looked at you like you had definitely been smoking something.  But now it is the first website I go to when we are planning our trip.  I plan our lunch/dinner stops for every trip we take.  Call me crazy, but I like to have a plan!

You may be asking why?  Don't you have to pay a tip?  Doesn't it take longer to get your food?

Yes to both of those questions!  And it is totally worth it!  No meal with a 15 month old is quick.  Fast food is not really fast when you are trying to feed yourself and any small children.  Also, after my sweet little boy (who doesn't necessarily sleep well in the car) has been in the car for 3 to 4 hours, both we and he need a break.  And that break better consist of him using up as much energy has possible.

So here are a few reasons that I have fallen in love with Cracker Barrel.  If I was truly creative then they would be in the form of a song or poem or rap, but you'll have to settle for my list.  Enjoy!

Ode to Cracker Barrel - How do I love thee! Let me count the ways!

1.  I really think there is a CB every 50 miles or so.  It makes planning a trip very easy :)!
2.  A porch full of rocking chairs that Weston can walk up and down and make each chair rock back and forth.  A marvelous use for pent-up energy!!
3.  A whole store to walk around and explore.  There is nothing more exciting than emptying a bucket of candles or lip gloss and then filling it back up!  That spells N-O B-O-R-E-D-O-M while we wait for our food.
4.  High chairs that fit the tables and actually have straps that keep Weston from trying to stand up and turn around when he gets bored of eating.  Does anyone else's child try to do that?!?
5.  Veggies that my child will eat!  He can make a plate of CB carrots and green beans disappear like a ninja on a dark night!
6.  Oh and the biscuits and cornbread.  Not only do I love them but Weston could eat his weight in those things!  Nothing like yummy food to keep your child entertained!
7.  That great triangle game at the table is like a built in toy to play with while we wait for those yummy biscuits to be delivered!

8.  Did I mention the store for my wild child to walk around in and explore?!?  That reason needed to be mentioned again :)!
9.  Sensational changing tables! Yes, I said sensational!  If you don't have a child then I know you haven't taken note of any changing tables.  But when you've had to change a filled-to-capacity diaper (and a whole outfit for that matter because the diaper leaked) and you have to do that in a crammed gas station or McDonald's bathroom on a changing table that is dangling precariously over a toilet, you'll begin to take notice of sensational changing tables.  Most CBs have a full, marble-like counter that has enough room for your child and their diaper bag!  Sensational!
10.  And my favorite CB amenity, the above mentioned changing table is usually in the men's restroom as well.  Dad can no longer look at you with a twinkle in his eye and say, "Honey, I'd LOVE to help out with that leaky, smelly diaper but there isn't a changing table in the men's bathroom.  Bummer because I was really looking forward to changing it!"  CB has thought of everything to make your trip with crazy children just a little bit better.

Here's to delicious buttermilk biscuits!