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Wednesday, February 13, 2013

Christmas Cards and Prayer

I have 2 confessions to make:

1.  Just yesterday, I finally took down all my Christmas cards.  For those of you who are unware, Christmas was 50 days ago.  Don't worry...the rest of my Christmas decorations have been put away for a while :)

2.  I'm a pastor's wife and prayer is not an easy task for me.  I'm pretty sure that it should be in my job description if "pastor's wife" had a job description!  These two confessions have something to do with each other...I promise.

When I was in college, I babysat for a great family (the Lusks) and was inspired by something they did.  Tracy Lusk had pictures of their family friends on her fridge (I confess, I can't remember if they were their Christmas cards or not).  When I asked about them, she said that the kids and her would pick a picture each day to pray for at meal times!

I sacked that little idea away ...

And now to connect my confessions.  Yesterday I finally completed the task of cutting pictures out of all my Christmas cards, putting magnets on the back of them, and replacing our 2011 Christmas cards with our 2012 cards.  So if you sent us a Christmas card this past Christmas, then know that we are praying for you.  We pick a family or two at each meal and pray for you.  Weston holds one picture.  William holds another.  And if momma forgets, then one of her boys reminds her that we need to pray - a little accountability in my day :).  Because prayer does not come easy for me!  But know that if I say we are praying for you then we will do it...right before the PB&Js that God has so richly blessed us with.

We are grateful for you friends!  And we are lifting you up to our great God!

The cards before they came down.  Everyone that has come to my house since Christmas has seen them proudly displayed!

Our prayer cards from Xmas 2011 that actually made it the entire year.  They get a lot of loving throughout the year...a lot of sticky fingers, a lot of bends and tears, a lot of time hiding under the fridge.

$0.97 at Walmart.  2 packs of magnets with some to spare for when the above mentioned "love" causes magnets to fall off :)

Now we are finally ready for 2013...and it'll never look this neat again.  So far the Stevenson's card is Weston and William's favorite because Mickey Mouse is part of the family picture :).  And Kiels and Pressleys...we printed off new pictures of y'all :) 

Here's to a 3 year old & a 2 year old keeping you accountable,
Happy New Year :)

Thursday, October 4, 2012

Fingerpainting Fun

Well, I guess it is time for my every-3-month-blog-post :)!

A little Corley-Life update first...

1.  We are pregnant with our third.  Yes, my oldest will only be 3 years & 8 months when this little blessing is born.  I think I will always I two in diapers...forever!  We'll let you know in 2 weeks if it is boy or girl :)

2.  I've started my own little business with Usborne books.  I love children's books!  And I love my husband for letting me attempt this little adventure.  Now our house is even messier because I have stacks of books everywhere, but the boys are loving the new entertainment!

Now on with the story!  We attempted a little finger painting the other day while it was still warm outside.  We haven't had too many crafty adventures yet as a boys-mom trio.  Mainly because William still likes to eat everything that he plays with and he's not great at actually following any directions from mom, so we've stayed away from most messy activities.

Mom's solution for messy activities - strip down to diapers and break out the paint OUTSIDE!

Yes...William is in the process of painting his leg...

...and his mouth.  Told you he eats everything :)

Now it is time to play with all the rocks, grass, flowers, and pinwheels

Now our traditional walk on the rocks surrounding mom's flowerbed...not traditionally done only in diapers, but how much more fun when done half-naked for all the neighbors to see!

Yes...we do live on a main road in Clanton.  Nothing like showing off our manly physiques to all who drive by :)!

Here's to some outdoor fun,

Friday, June 22, 2012

From the Big Peach to the Sunny Beach

I know you've been waiting with baited breath for another blog post on the adventures of the Corley Quad.  I apologize you've had to wait so long :)!  Staying busy (or at least acting busy) is a real strength of mine and I'm learning that consistency is not.

I envy you people who are not like me.  Teach me your ways!

We've been busy playing, entertaining, couponing, teaching Sunday school, getting to know our quaint little city and it's really fun residents, getting older, and growing up.

Our most recent adventure to the Isle of Palms, SC provided lots of time with grandparents, aunts, uncles, cousins and lots of time playing in the ocean.  One day I'll again get to take my book down to the beach and do nothing but sleep, read, and get a tan...probably in about 18 years :)!

Here is a taste of our trip...

This is one of my favorite pictures from the week.  
I wish I could bottle his energy and sell it.  I'd be a millionaire!

We love Dendy! 

We love Aunt Tracie and Uncle Chris!

Ridin' in style!

4 Generations!

This trip was our yearly Weston reunion (my mom's side of the family), but Grandmother Cushman joined us on the trip.  We love spending all the time with her we can, and she insisted on cleaning up after us all week...a great addition to our vacation :)!

Cruising through the Charleston Harbor

I attempted a little photo shoot of the provided amusement and a small measure of success.

All the cousins!

The whole gang!

Here's to big families!

Saturday, March 31, 2012

An Afternoon at the Beach...Corley Style

So glad that I don't have to make my living by blogging...I'd starve!  But dinner is cooking and the boys are watching some basketball so I figured I'd post some pictures from our latest adventure.

Right up the road from us is Oak Mountain State Park.  The lake there has what I call a poor man's beach :) complete with rocky sand and a concrete "curb" that separates the water and the sand.  My kiddos loved it!  I think William spent 20 minutes climbing back and forth over the concrete curb.  Who needs beach toys with a toy like that!?!

On Wednesday, the boys and I tagged along with Daddy and the youth group to the park.  We skipped the hiking and spend all our time at the beach!

Here's to all afternoon in the sun,