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Sunday, November 20, 2011

William Turns 1!

I would make this a witty post about William's first birthday, but currently I have a toddler sitting in my lap and we are listening to Big Bird sing Farmer in the Dell.  High ho the dairy-o!!  Therefore, just pictures and captions for your enjoyment :)!

He's gotten so big :)!  I can't believe this year has flown by so quickly!

Opening presents with Daddy  I think his big brother has enjoyed his presents as much as William has.  Ah...the joy of learning to share!

Getting a birthday kiss from our Dendy!

William's friend Samuel is enjoying the festivities.  

Now on to the really important part of any birthday - the cake!

My inspiration for these cupcakes came from this blog.  A little time consuming but fun to make!

I think the birthday boy enjoyed his first cupcake! 

As you can see, my "eating a blue cupcake" strategy was just to strip down both my boys to their diapers.  Here is Weston resting after the ravaging of his cupcake.  It was hard work!

Here's to my precious 1 year-old,
Happy Birthday Sweet William!

Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Seriously Mom, I'm Not Smiling for a Picture

Finally...Halloween pics!

The title of this post is the thought that was continually going through my toddler's head on Halloween day.

We headed to The Grand Ole Pumpkin Patch in the morning to enjoy some fall fun.  Weston LOVES to talk about and watch tractors, big trucks, etc so I figured the little tractor train and a hay ride out to the pumpkin patch would be a great way to spend the morning.

I paid my $3 for us to ride the little tractor train (notice I've said little was a little tractor!) but as soon as we got on and I tried to fasten Weston's seat belt, he lost it!  Crying and wailing!  Is is wrong to chuckle at your child when he is feigning distress?!?  Because that is what I was doing!

William was happily sitting in my lap enjoying the ride, the tractor noise, and even the seat belt, but my 2 year old was freaking out.  The sweet driver of the (LITTLE) tractor asked if we needed to stop, but this mean momma said no because I had paid for a ride and my toddler was crying for no reason.  Of course as soon as we get off the train, his crying ceases and he is ready to play.  Go figure!

Needless to say, we saved our money and didn't do the hay ride to the pumpkin patch.  We'll save that for next year!

No pics of my child crying on the train, but plenty of him not looking at the camera.  We spent the rest of our time running in and out of the Tepees that they use for their Native American dramas (or something like that :)) which both boys loved (the tepees...not the dramas).

The tractor ride we didn't attempt :)!

And Halloween night we dressed and headed over to the Vinson's to load up on some candy.  Weston was a lizard (although we just said dinosaur because he liked that better) and William was a teddy bear!  Weston was a little confused when we started trick o' treating, but soon got the hang of it.  It didn't take long for him to learn his line, "Candy please!"  especially since those two little words gained him sugar galore!  Motivation can work wonders when trying to learn a new skill :)!

All done for the it is time to head back to the house and enjoy our loot!

And the real reason we come to the Vinsons...the toys!  Toys are always so much more fun when they are someone elses!

Here's to lots of candy and little tractors,

Saturday, October 29, 2011

Picture Roundup

I always try to have my camera handy so I can snap pictures of my boys doing cute things...or really just doing things and leaving "cuteness" to the eye of the beholder.

I need to be cleaning the bathrooms, kitchen, my desk, and myself but thought I'd post a few pics from the last few weeks and procrastinate my chores for a few more minutes.  Because of course it is Saturday and Saturdays should be for cute pictures and not chores (but I'm not telling my kids that until they are much older!)

The ONE smiling picture of Weston that I've been able to catch...and it was with my phone and off-centered...but he is smiling!

One last time to play in the rain before it gets too cold!

Look Mom!  I'm standing (and trying to help you with the dishes!)

Now these next pictures were another attempt to get a Christmas card worthy picture of my two boys.  You can see my last attempt in this here.  You can see for yourself how successful I was!

"Smile! Look at Momma! Smile! Look at Momma!  Oh well!"

Here's to a picture-perfect Saturday!
Happy Weekend!

Friday, October 21, 2011

Say Cheese!

Where did the phrase "Say cheese!" originate from?  Anybody know?!?

I kind of regret teaching my toddler to say that word when I'm trying to take his picture.  Actually I'm not completely to blame.  His furry red friend Elmo is partly to blame, because Weston has watched the Elmo's World "Cameras" episode at least 85,000 times where he also picked up this little word.

Because I'm such a ridiculous planner, I've been thinking about the picture(s) for our Christmas card for a few weeks.  I thought about getting a professional to take some pics then I remembered our budget :) so the next best option would be to pay a friend who is good with a camera to take a few pictures.  Still I'm not quite sold on the idea because I have a little problem - a toddler who will say cheese (which equals a contorted grin-type thing!) but will NOT look at the camera!

Last Sunday I had Weston dressed in this precious little sweater vest.  He looked like a little man!  It was overcast outside (which equals great lighting) and William was sleeping so I figured I'd take Weston outside and try to catch a few good pics!

After I looked at the pics all I could do was laugh!  This is what I got...

Did you see his "Cheese" smile?!?  My favorite pic is the fifth one down.  That is the "I'm sick and tired of this mommy and I want you to stop telling me to look at the camera" face. :)

His brother, on the other hand, has no trouble with our mother/son photo shoots.  He always gives me lots of to work with...

Maybe William can teach his brother a thing or two!  Here's to hoping!

And here's to a smile-filled weekend!
Happy Friday!