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Thursday, October 21, 2010

Little Man Clothes and So Much More

I'm surprised everyday that Weston is looking more like a little boy than a baby.  Thankfully God moves that process along and doesn't leave that up to us moms because I have a feeling that I wouldn't be the only one who would like to slow this process down.  The last 15 months has flown by!

I know some moms put their little boys in khakis and button down shirts (aka Little Man Clothes) long before 15 months, but we finally passed that milestone (Can you call that a milestone?!?) this past weekend.

We have had a busy two weeks and as I've thought about our last few weeks, looking at Weston in his little man clothes has brought one thing to my mind - how God has provided for and protected us.

Cold weather is (sort of) here and Weston is growing up fast.  Last spring a friend at seminary gave us loads of boy toddler clothes.  Weston has all the winter clothes he needs including that handsome little outfit above!  Thanks Meg!

We've heard No from one job prospect, but have 2 more prospects on the table.  Thanks to all our wise friends who have counseled us and prayed for us so far in this process!  Your wisdom is appreciated more than you know!

One sweet Grandmother has filled our gas tank more than a few times and another sweet Grandmother housed us on our way to North Carolina (and even bought us some pacifiers because we left that much needed item at home!)

On our to North Carolina we had an unfortunate run-in with a dog on the interstate.  We won but not without a few damages to our car.  Our insurance company was fabulous, arranged everything and we were back on the road in time to make it Uncle Kyle and Aunt Halley's wedding weekend.  Thank you USAA :)!

Our insurance deductible for that little wreck was $500.  And that was the EXACT amount we received in the mail from a friend who had no idea we had that expense.  They just had some extra money in their budget and thought we could use it. You know who you are and we love and appreciate you!

I could go on and lunches, a friend giving Kevin a great part-time job, free sewing lessons from a friend, two beautiful houses to live in...and more and more.

If you know me well enough you know I am a doer.  I keep myself busy working and it is hard for me to rest.  Hard work is definitely not a bad thing.  I will hopefully instill a good work ethic into my boys.

But one problem that raises its ugly head in my life is that I don't really believe that God is the one providing for me (Matthew 6:25-33)  I start believing the lie (again and again) that I have earned everything I have.  It takes an EXACT monetary gift in the mail to remind me, yet again, that I am not in control!

 It is my Heavenly Father who gives me the ability to work and earn money.  It is He who provides the cars we have, the food we have, the health we have, and most importantly my salvation in His Son.  I could never earn that!!  It is a free gift (Romans 6:23).

Thank you to the givers in our life!  You are a picture of Christ and his gift on the cross!


Thursday, October 7, 2010

A Trail of Mischief

I have a wonderful friend from seminary, Melinda, who has two entertaining blogs that I follow.  When you get a moment check out Speece School and Secure Your Own Mask First.  Every once in a while Melinda will post a "Found" picture and description on her SYOMF blog.  The "found" item is something her kids have left and she has discovered.  Thanks Melinda for bringing a little laughter to my day!

I was inspired by this and thought that I'd share one of the latest things I "found" my little man doing.  Like most little people, he loves to empty things - the toy bin, the clean laundry basket, the bathroom trashcan, etc.

Mama Ann's food pantry is looking a little bare.

Looks like Weston took a page from Hansel and Gretel, but instead of a bread crumb trail he is leaving mama a cereal box trail in the dining room.

Aha!  Caught in the act!  Son, are you really trying to eat a hard noodle?!?

Thanks for helping to clean up little man!  Every little bit helps!

Here's to finding a little laughter!

Monday, October 4, 2010

My Little Parasite

Let me start this short post by saying that I LOVE both of my boys.  I love my cutie-patootie who is taking a great nap right now, and I love my little man who is currently punching me in the spleen and kicking me in the lungs simultaneously (that is a hard word to spell!).

I wanted to make my love clear before I wrote my next statement because I didn't want anyone to think too badly of me.

I really think the best analogy for this little guy growing inside of me at this moment is a parasite.  He's a precious, darling, and loved parasite, but he is still a parasite.  My husband has gotten on to me for calling him this by saying, "Isn't it more of a symbiotic relationship?"

Nope, Nada, No way!  If you look up that word (or if you were in my fifth grade science class :)) you would know that for a symbiotic relationship to occur both organisms mutually benefit.  There is not much evidence for mutual benefit.

My sweet little parasite is stealing my food, my energy, expanding my dimensions, and using my internal organs for soccer practice.  And the little guy has not helped me out by giving me strong fingernails or a clearer complexion.

Oh well.  I love him all the same and can't wait to meet him!  He'll be arriving by November 17 in either Jackson, MS or Birmingham, AL.

Sorry for all the science terms.  Now I'm going to take a short nap and try to steal back some of that energy that my baby boy is sucking out of me!