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Monday, October 4, 2010

My Little Parasite

Let me start this short post by saying that I LOVE both of my boys.  I love my cutie-patootie who is taking a great nap right now, and I love my little man who is currently punching me in the spleen and kicking me in the lungs simultaneously (that is a hard word to spell!).

I wanted to make my love clear before I wrote my next statement because I didn't want anyone to think too badly of me.

I really think the best analogy for this little guy growing inside of me at this moment is a parasite.  He's a precious, darling, and loved parasite, but he is still a parasite.  My husband has gotten on to me for calling him this by saying, "Isn't it more of a symbiotic relationship?"

Nope, Nada, No way!  If you look up that word (or if you were in my fifth grade science class :)) you would know that for a symbiotic relationship to occur both organisms mutually benefit.  There is not much evidence for mutual benefit.

My sweet little parasite is stealing my food, my energy, expanding my dimensions, and using my internal organs for soccer practice.  And the little guy has not helped me out by giving me strong fingernails or a clearer complexion.

Oh well.  I love him all the same and can't wait to meet him!  He'll be arriving by November 17 in either Jackson, MS or Birmingham, AL.

Sorry for all the science terms.  Now I'm going to take a short nap and try to steal back some of that energy that my baby boy is sucking out of me!



  1. Ha Ha! Funny analogy. I don't think badly of you at all! Just don't tell him (when he's in 5th grade science learning the definition of "parasite") that that's what you used to call him when you were pregnant with him. ;)

  2. Is it weird that I'm looking forward to that one day? Not necessarily the feeling of being a host body, but being pregnant. If he comes on November 15 he'll share my birthday!

  3. Ha! Seriously, girl. You're doing great! hang in there! I was talking to Jonathan recently about how there is no way, even once our kids are grown, that they can really ever repay us - emotionally, mentally, financially - for what we've invested in them. And that I will always, always love Samuel more than he could ever love me. And true of my parents too - they love me more than I can ever love them back. Isn't that such a good picture, though, of how MUCH more our heavenly Father loves us than we could ever love Him? Isn't that comforting on those days when we doubt his love and his goodness toward us...