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Thursday, October 4, 2012

Fingerpainting Fun

Well, I guess it is time for my every-3-month-blog-post :)!

A little Corley-Life update first...

1.  We are pregnant with our third.  Yes, my oldest will only be 3 years & 8 months when this little blessing is born.  I think I will always I two in diapers...forever!  We'll let you know in 2 weeks if it is boy or girl :)

2.  I've started my own little business with Usborne books.  I love children's books!  And I love my husband for letting me attempt this little adventure.  Now our house is even messier because I have stacks of books everywhere, but the boys are loving the new entertainment!

Now on with the story!  We attempted a little finger painting the other day while it was still warm outside.  We haven't had too many crafty adventures yet as a boys-mom trio.  Mainly because William still likes to eat everything that he plays with and he's not great at actually following any directions from mom, so we've stayed away from most messy activities.

Mom's solution for messy activities - strip down to diapers and break out the paint OUTSIDE!

Yes...William is in the process of painting his leg...

...and his mouth.  Told you he eats everything :)

Now it is time to play with all the rocks, grass, flowers, and pinwheels

Now our traditional walk on the rocks surrounding mom's flowerbed...not traditionally done only in diapers, but how much more fun when done half-naked for all the neighbors to see!

Yes...we do live on a main road in Clanton.  Nothing like showing off our manly physiques to all who drive by :)!

Here's to some outdoor fun,

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