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Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Take a Load Off

Weston is now a master at walking.  Yes he still takes a spill every once in a while probably because he is still a bit top heavy (really just tummy heavy), but he seems to have pretty much mastered that skill.

But there is one skill that I didn't think about a baby having to practice/master.  The skill of sitting down by themselves in a seat.  I hadn't really pondered that that was a skill he'd have to practice, but it has been so funny to watch him try to sit down.  Is it wrong to laugh at your child?!?

I wish I had a few more pictures because now that he has learned to "take a load off" he loves to sit on just about any elevated surface he can find - the inside of cabinets, the fireplace ledge, the bottom of the stairs, my in-laws treadmill, etc.

Here we are resting after helping to clean out one of Mimi's kitchen cabinets.  Please note the other skill that he has mastered - smiling/smirking for the camera. (For those of you who have seen baby pics of my bro, doesn't he totally look like Chris in this picture?!?!)

But by far Weston's favorite place to sit is his new Elmo chair.  What is not to like about a red-shag chair with big eyes, a nose, and a mouth?!?  Weston would like to thank Mimi for hooking him up with this fashionable piece of furniture.  

Here's to a little rest and relaxation,


  1. Oh he is squeezable! You are in big big trouble:)

  2. Thanks friends! Sometimes I think the cutest thing about him might be the rolls on his thighs...they just make me laugh. I wish I could smile the same way about the rolls on my body ;)!