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Monday, December 6, 2010

William Taylor

Thought I'd post a video of my new little man so you can all meet him.  Here are a few things I love about this video...
1.  It took me 9 days to finally post it.  Having two children under the age of 17 months really sucks up any free time I thought I might have :)!
2.  Weston's scream in the background.  He is saying, "Momma, give me more attention!!"
3.  The great faces William makes (and yes he is propped up in the Boppy on the kitchen counter - that way Weston can't get to him)



  1. He is so stinking cute, just like his big brother!!

  2. Oh, Rebecca, he is so adorable! J and I have had to watch the video multiple times b/c J is so fascinated. Hope y'all are hanging in there. Think about you lots.