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Sunday, November 28, 2010

How Quickly I Forgot

My oldest boy is only 16 months old, but it has been amusing to me that I have so quickly forgotten what it was like to have an infant.  I KNOW that a lot happens in those first months of life, but it is so glaring to me at the moment because I can see the big differences in my two little boys.

Here is Weston now with his favorite new boots.
And enjoying his favorite pastime of pushing the white stool all over Mimi and Granddaddy's house.
And here is that same little boy about 15 1/2 months ago...CRAZY!

As far as I can remember (which might not be that well), William seems a lot like his brother.  He can be rather expressive.  He's slept well, cried loudly, and been somewhat of a lazy eater (which is funny Weston was that way considering that he is NOT a lazy eater now!).  But here are a few "new baby" things that I've begun to remember...

1. Infants are really floppy - those little spastic arms and head will surprise you!

2. Praise the Lord they can sleep through just about anything.  William has already visited 2 restaurants in his 11 days of life and he slept beautifully.  Weston didn't go to a restaurant with us until he was like 3 months old.  Oh how things change with the second child :)!

3. It is a pain to change a diaper and have to avoid that little piece of the umbilical cord.  I can't wait for that thing to fall off!

4. Breast feeding might be cheap but it is sure painful for those first few weeks.  William better appreciate all those nutrients and antibodies he's getting!!

5.  How wonderful 4 straight hours of sleep can be.  Maybe one day I'll get 5 straight hours of sleep again!

6.  How absolutely precious new born babies can be - I don't think I really forgot that but it hasn't been something I've pondered the past year or so.  Here are a few precious pictures of William from the last couple of days...

Loving my new little man,

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