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Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Well Weston, Not Quite

So if you know my dad then you'll love this story and even if you don't know him, I think you'll still find it pretty amusing.

For those who don't know my dad, here is a picture from last summer so you have a visual...

One of Weston's favorite people is Granddaddy, but when he says it it sounds like Dendy. It really is very cute :).  Well last Wednesay Weston was doing one of his favorite things. He found a deck of cards which he dumped out onto the floor and proceeded to spread them in all directions. His version of 52 card pick up without the pick up part. Sometimes I stop him at the beginning of his game but at the moment it seemed to be holding his attention for a while so I just let him sit in the pile and play.  The deck of cards he was playing with is sort of bizarre.  It is an "Iraq's Mosted Wanted" which was printed around 2002 and it has the faces of war criminals from Iraq printed on the cards. (Why do we have this deck of cards?  I really don't know!)  As I was walking around trying to get us ready to leave the house I heard Weston talking to one of the cards. I listened closer and heard him saying "Hey Dendy! Hey Dendy!"  When he saw me watching him he held up the card and said "Dendy!" with about as much enthusiasm as he could muster.

Below you will see a picture of the card Weston was holding...

Maybe it is time for dad to shave that mustache :).

Here's to laughing our way through the week!


  1. Your dad has a fantastic cover...

    Minister at Briarwood. Who would have suspected???