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Sunday, April 24, 2011

Happy Easter!

I could of titled this blog post "Adventures in Toddler Photography" because that is what picture taking this beautiful Easter amounted to: a cute baby and his unruly toddler brother.  But thanks to my wonderful sewing tutor Courtney Hatchett, these snapshots do include my boys in cute matching outfits :).

I'm going to start with my favorite picture from the day....  Happy Easter everyone!

No dad! I will not pose with my brother.  I don't care if we are wearing matching John Johns!

Good try y'all, but I'm not gonna pose here either!

Finally my crazy brother is out of the way!  Now I can smile!

One big happy family :)!

Here's to a wonderful Easter!

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  1. oh I love this post.... You are a beautiful family, and I wish I had been there to hold that screaming toddler.