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Sunday, May 8, 2011

Favorite Things

If I was a really creative writer then this post would include my own version of that catchy song from The Sound of Music "My Favorite Things".  But since creating my own version would take far too much time to write considering that my "both boys are down for their naps" window will be closing soon, feel free to hum that catchy tune while you enjoy a few of my favorite pics from the last couple of weeks...

I'll get you started..."Girls in white dresses with blue satin sashes, Snow flakes that stay on my nose and eyelashes..."

Now to pictures...

Easter egg hunts should always be in the favorite things category!

William can't wait for next year's egg hunt.  Bjorn baby carriers are one of my (and William's) favorite things! Thanks dad for giving mom's back a much needed rest!

Yea for new foods!  Squash and green peas seem to be a hit!  And for some reason I think I am trying to show him what to do with my mouth.  Am I the only mom who does this?!?

Weston's new favorite toy at Mimi and Dendy's house...the screen door on the back porch.  Weston has turned into my serious child.  One day I'll get a picture of him smiling again!

And Weston's favorite person...Dendy!  Yes, his name is Dendy because that is what Weston says when he attempts to say Granddaddy.  It is cute, precious, and it is stickin' like glue :)!

This is what it takes to get both my boys in a picture together...strapping them in so they can't escape!  One of mommy's favorite consignment sale finds...her double jogger!  Thank you Alana McCall!!!

Playing outside on our slide!  A gift from some of our favorite people - The Kings!!  Thank you King family for your many precious blessings and for stopping by to see us!  We love you!

Who needs cable TV when you can pull your favorite Elmo chair out to the porch and enjoy your snack while watching daddy cut the grass?!?  We specialize in quality entertainment out here on the Corleyrosa!
(At this point in the post, you can take a break from singing about favorite things and just sing the first line of Boot Scootin' Boogy.  Don't know it, well let me help you - "Out in the country past the city limit sign")

And a couple of momma's favorite things...two happy brothers!

Here's to finding favorite things in each new day,

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