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Thursday, February 2, 2012

An Ordinary Year

Days fly into weeks and weeks gather into months and then I look around and my baby is almost walking, my toddler is talking a mile a minute, we are living in a new house, and I haven't posted any thoughts, adventures, or pictures for 2 months on this blog I call Ordinary.  I'll take comfort in knowing that I'm not the only one out there who never accomplishes all she wants to in her weeks!

I wish I took better pictures of all our adventures.  I always take my camera and then forget to use it.  And even when I do, my boys rarely cooperate with me.  But here are some pictures for your enjoyment....

William (or Wilma as his brother calls him) is getting so big.  He's almost 15 months old!

My Three Guys!

In order to get pictures of my boys somewhat smiling and holding still so they won't be blurry, I've resorted to pictures at lunch when they are strapped in and can't go anywhere :)!

If they aren't strapped in, these are the kind of pictures I get...

No...they don't nap in the same crib...just play around together when nap time is done.

William loves his big brother :)!

And our most recent adventure was a trip back to Jackson, MS to visit friends.  Of course I didn't get the camera out and snap pictures because that would of been a fabulous thing to do.  Here is the one picture that was remotely good. Three of these 4 toddlers were under 10 months when we left seminary and one hadn't even been born yet!  How time flies!

And now all of these little boys are big brothers!  

Here's to more adventures in 2012!

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