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Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Food Funnies

The two men in my life like to eat.  It really is a blessing because I can fix just about anything for Kevin for dinner and hear no complaints.  And Weston seems to be taking after his daddy - he eats most everything and he eats it faster than a bolt of lightning or a speeding train or whatever speedy object you'd like to insert here!  Food does not stay on his tray very long at all!
He doesn't like to waste time so that is why he employs
the double-fisted feeding method.  He doesn't even chew the
first bite before the second one is in his mouth!
Also like most little ones Weston is a fairly messy eater.  We are trying lots of new kinds of food, but the Ravioli is definitely his favorite!

Usually, at the end of most meals he'll lean back in his chair
as if to say, "Mom, that was really good.  I might have eaten
a bit too quickly.  Now, how do I loosen these pants because
they are a bit tight now."

Like I mentioned above Kevin will eat just about everything.  Most of you also know that my hubby can be rather witty when he wants to be.  I learned a new thing about him the other day in reference to food.  For lunch, I had made sandwiches and washed off a couple of peaches for us to eat (Southern peaches are about the best thing you can eat!).  Then my husband asks me why I left the skin on the peaches.  "That's how I've always eaten them.  It's too much trouble to peel them," I replied.  (I'm learning I might be an oddball for this peach-skin eating custom).  To this my husband said, "Eating a peach with the skin on it is like having a little squirrel dancing on your tongue!"  I chuckled about that analogy for hours :).  If only my students had been able to create similes as funny as that!

Well, I think my child is now playing in the toilet so I better go!  Hope these little food funnies brightened your day!  Ta Ta for now!

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  1. Rebecca- I love reading these posts b/c I can hear you saying what I am reading. :-) See you soon friend!