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Saturday, August 14, 2010


Transitions are always a bit interesting.  Right now our family is transitioning in a lot of ways.

Our little man is growing up way too fast.  Our second little son is growing like a weed (and of course that means my stomach is expanding at the same rate :))  Kevin is transitioning from seminary student to soon-to-be pastor.  I'm transitioning from full-time teacher and mom to stay-at-home mom.  Our family is transitioning from our own place to temporarily living in a huge house (that we are sharing with my wonderful in-laws!).

Since we are transitioning from one stage of life to other, I figured I'd chronicle our adventures on this little blog.  Hope you enjoy keeping up with our Ordinary Adventures!

Weston with his friend Geneva at about 5 months.
Weston on his 1st birthday.

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  1. Wow! Geneva made it in the first post :) love the blog! Just one more way to keep in touch with our neighbors! love you and miss y'all!