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Saturday, November 6, 2010

Southern Weather

I love being from the south.  I am a southern girl and rather proud of it!  Dalton, GA was home for 20 years and now I consider Birmingham, AL to be home.

One thing about the south that I love is the weather.  Now don't get me wrong.  I don't enjoy the hot hot July-August part of summer because I definitely sweat like a man.  But I love the springs and falls in GA and AL!  And I love that it doesn't usually get too cold during the wintertime.

This year has been a bit different though.  It has been unseasonably hot for October (no good) here in good ole B'ham.  But what a difference a week can make!  It was in the 80s last weekend but the cold has moved in and we have dropped ever so slightly below freezing this weekend!

Weston would like to illustrate for you the difference in the two weekends.

Well, this picture really has nothing to do with the weather, but Weston wanted to show off his favorite new hat.  Yes that is a swim diaper that he discovered and I fashioned it as his hat.  He wore it around for a good 15 minutes.

Okay, back to the weather.  Last weekend we were in Gulf Shores and Mobile and it felt warm enough outside to go for a little swim.

 Man, that swim diaper would of come in handy!

Never mind!  Who needs a swim diaper when you can just skinny-dip in the ocean at the end of October :)!

Now fast-forward one week.  Oh the times they are a-changing!

Now we are all bundled up for daddy's race.  No nude swimming on this southern November weekend!

Love from Dixie,

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