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Friday, October 21, 2011

Say Cheese!

Where did the phrase "Say cheese!" originate from?  Anybody know?!?

I kind of regret teaching my toddler to say that word when I'm trying to take his picture.  Actually I'm not completely to blame.  His furry red friend Elmo is partly to blame, because Weston has watched the Elmo's World "Cameras" episode at least 85,000 times where he also picked up this little word.

Because I'm such a ridiculous planner, I've been thinking about the picture(s) for our Christmas card for a few weeks.  I thought about getting a professional to take some pics then I remembered our budget :) so the next best option would be to pay a friend who is good with a camera to take a few pictures.  Still I'm not quite sold on the idea because I have a little problem - a toddler who will say cheese (which equals a contorted grin-type thing!) but will NOT look at the camera!

Last Sunday I had Weston dressed in this precious little sweater vest.  He looked like a little man!  It was overcast outside (which equals great lighting) and William was sleeping so I figured I'd take Weston outside and try to catch a few good pics!

After I looked at the pics all I could do was laugh!  This is what I got...

Did you see his "Cheese" smile?!?  My favorite pic is the fifth one down.  That is the "I'm sick and tired of this mommy and I want you to stop telling me to look at the camera" face. :)

His brother, on the other hand, has no trouble with our mother/son photo shoots.  He always gives me lots of to work with...

Maybe William can teach his brother a thing or two!  Here's to hoping!

And here's to a smile-filled weekend!
Happy Friday!


  1. very nice! I say use the last picture of Weston by himself (in the green near the chair). What better way to say merry christmas than "NO! DON'T TAKE ANOTHER PICTURE!!"


  2. This is Rebekah (Do you remember me? You were my youth group leader several years back at Briarwood...) I'm probably too late for that family picture you were talking about wanting to get, but next time you need one, schedule a visit to see family in B'ham and call me for a photo shoot while you're in town! I've been working on my photography skills and have kind of started a little business. You can see my work here:
    I don't charge much! ;) -Rebekah W.