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Saturday, October 29, 2011

Picture Roundup

I always try to have my camera handy so I can snap pictures of my boys doing cute things...or really just doing things and leaving "cuteness" to the eye of the beholder.

I need to be cleaning the bathrooms, kitchen, my desk, and myself but thought I'd post a few pics from the last few weeks and procrastinate my chores for a few more minutes.  Because of course it is Saturday and Saturdays should be for cute pictures and not chores (but I'm not telling my kids that until they are much older!)

The ONE smiling picture of Weston that I've been able to catch...and it was with my phone and off-centered...but he is smiling!

One last time to play in the rain before it gets too cold!

Look Mom!  I'm standing (and trying to help you with the dishes!)

Now these next pictures were another attempt to get a Christmas card worthy picture of my two boys.  You can see my last attempt in this here.  You can see for yourself how successful I was!

"Smile! Look at Momma! Smile! Look at Momma!  Oh well!"

Here's to a picture-perfect Saturday!
Happy Weekend!

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  1. YOUR BOYS ARE SO CUTE! Miss you and your sweet family!!!