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Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Oh Where Does the Time Go...

I have such high and lofty goals when it comes to blogging.  I create blog posts in my head, and I say to myself when I'm in the middle of a funny, weird, cute, etc situation, "I'll write about this as soon as I get a free moment!"  But alas, I move on to something else and say, "Well I'll just update the blog tomorrow."  So finally, a month and a half later, I thought I'd finally sit down and share those "something elses" that we have been up to...

We've gotten new toys
(Yes my child does have a box beneath the toy so he fits the toy better...because he is MY child.)

We've entered the infamous terrible twos...oh boy!!
(And it is amazing how much time and energy all these related TT activities have taken up!)

We've experimented and decided that bathing with our clothes on is the quicker option.

We've picked over 2 gallons of blueberries!  Yea for Miller Blueberry Farm!
(And enjoyed many delicious Chilton County peaches!)

We've tried new, yummy recipes
(We used some of our blueberries in this one instead of the plums that it called for.)

We've enjoyed the summer weather!

We've kept momma's plants alive on the porch!  A big accomplishment for a family who lacks green thumbs.  Weston's favorite rosemary plant is not pictured, but he refers to it as Rosemarys and loves to smell it.  He also loves for his mom, brother, and the neighbors cat to smell it too :)!

We've tasted new foods and are growing new teeth!

We've also celebrated Daddy's birthday and enjoyed Uncle Chris and Aunt Tracie's beautiful wedding (welcome to the family!!).  We have visited the Speece Clan in their new town of Hayneville.  We've started new sewing projects, gotten hooked on couponing (and saved a bunch of money), tried to keep the house clean, and enjoyed getting to know Clanton better (LOVE Peach Park!!).  More adventures to come!

Here's to staying busy,

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