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Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Vacation in NC

I love Montreat!

It is outside of Asheville, NC.  It is a Cushman/Taylor family tradition.  My paternal grandmother (Julia Taylor Cushman), her sisters, and their families have  been spending a week together in Montreat since my dad was 10 years old.  Yep...that is a 47 year tradition!  My sweet grandmother is the only one of her generation that is still able to come.  Traditionally a couple of big houses are rented and we all pile in, eat lots of food, walk the narrow mountain roads to get some exercise or to get something at The General Store, talk and talk, play games, then go to bed so we can wake up and do it all again for 5 more days.  No TV (except now for the occasional DVD or youtube video on the computer)...just time together...aunts, uncles, cousins, 2nd cousins, cousins who we call aunts and uncles, and now 3rd cousins (Weston and William's generation!).

I love Montreat!

Playing on the back porch with Dendy!

The walkways to most Montreat houses are old stone steps through the woods like this one.

Montreat is still the Presbyterian Church (PCUSA) conference center.  My Taylor great-grand parents were missionaries to Brazil and they are featured at this Presbyterian Heritage Center.

Montreat is covered with gorgeous (clean!) creeks.  When we were children we would spend hours building dams and playing in the creeks.

Life for William is not much different in, play, sleep...except he is getting more attention from aunts and cousins :)!

Heading off on a walk to the park

Sliding to Mimi

Heading to the creek

One hand first...

Then two...

Then the whole body!  Man, that water was cold, and of course momma didn't bring a towel or bathing suit!

Wanting to be one of the big kids!

Not scared to explore anything...

Time to go home for lunch!

Here's to a beautiful week with the family,

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  1. Love it! So glad you can be there with everybody! Weston IS a big kid! Hope to see you soon!