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Thursday, September 8, 2011

Excitement...Toddler Style

For his birthday Weston received this book from Mimi and Dendy (aka Leslie and G'Mark :))

He is obsessed with it!  We read it at least 4 times a day, and he can name almost every truck in the book.

So earlier in the week, he got the thrill of his toddler life...a bucket truck and its workers came to work outside our house.  Just yesterday he looked out our front, pointed to the power pole, and with a little smirky smile said, "Bucket truck!" like it was still there.

Getting an up close view with his new best friend, Mr. Electrical Man

What could be cooler than a big truck parked in your front yard?!?

Now settling in to watch the show from his plush, front row seat

Here's to enjoying the little things,

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  1. The chair always does it for me. You need to write a children's book called "The Red Chair" and put the boy and chair in interesting situations. I'd buy many copies.