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Thursday, September 15, 2011

AJ... William's cool new friend

Our little Clanton library is nothing to write home about, but they do have a cute (little) kids section.  And really all my boys want to do is play with the puzzles and toys there anyway so it has become a highlight of our week.

The other day we were joined in the kids section by a talkative 4 year old boy named AJ.  While his mom was using the computer, AJ decided to hang out with us.  Don't think this kid has ever met a stranger, and I know I never have :) so we talked for a few minutes while I was playing with William.  I left William sitting on the ground playing with some toys to go over and help Weston with some puzzles.  As I glanced behind me to check on William, I noticed he was standing up playing with the train table and his new friend AJ.  My 10 month old refuses to crawl much less pull up on things, so I figured AJ just decided to help William on up :)!

Since that little library trip, William has been trying to pull up on the sofa and anything else he thinks will hold him.  William obviously thinks something is much more fun if a cool friend like AJ introduces it to him.  Mom just must not of been doing it the right way :)!  He's 10 months going on 13 years

And so it friends, uncool mom :)!

Here's to making new friends,

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