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Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Come on Big Mama - Observations on my 2nd Pregnancy

I always heard that I would be a bit bigger with my second pregnancy, and that is proving to be true.  What is also proving to be true is that I'm not as obsessed with this pregnancy as I was with my first.  I haven't read a pregnancy book or magazine this go-around.  I haven't monitored what my growing little boy is developing each week.  Based on the size of my belly I might want to start monitoring that because I think he might be growing an extra arm, leg or head!  And just today, six and a half months into my pregnancy, I finally took my first "pregnancy" picture.

Of course with your first pregnancy you document your growing stomach every few weeks or so.  You take pictures and now even post them so your friends can share in your growing tummy joy.  But as this sweet little boy grows and grows in my stomach, I am a bit horrified to observe that maternity clothes that lasted throughout my first pregnancy are no longer fitting around my belly.  I still have two and half months left!!

Let me remind you that I'm 4'10".  I think that might legally qualify me to be a "little person".  Of course not little enough to qualify for a TLC show, but still I'm pretty short.  Since this little baby has no where to grow but out, I'm beginning to resemble a beach ball, basketball, (any other round object you can think of) with a head and limbs.  I have this fabulous yellow t-shirt that I like to take walks in because it still fits comfortably.  I wondered the other day if I looked a little like a lemon walking my son down the scenic back roads of Homewood, AL.

Right before Weston's naps we always read a few books together, and before going to bed at night Weston enjoys his last cup of milk while sitting in my quickly disappearing lap.  My in-laws put a rocking chair in his room so we'd have a place to comfortably sit.  This week we had to make a change.  It was no longer comfortable for Mama, Weston, and Baby Boy to enjoy the rocking chair together.  I'll end my observations with a few pictures:

My original rocking chair and its roomy replacement.

Have a splendid Thursday friends!!

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  1. Hey Becca! I love a good blog, and am loving reading yours. I have a blast writing mine each week. It has definately kept me taking pictures of my girls. Hope you and your super cute little family are doing well. I know what you are saying about maternity clothes not fitting with the second one. I had grown out of mine around 7 months too! Have a great week! Jump over and check out my blog too if you get a chance Keep writing! I love following!