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Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Holding on to the Predictable

My second blog post was entitled "Waiting" because that was exactly what my little family was doing.  And at the moment, we are still waiting.  I went back to that second post to read the poem that I included because it is just as encouraging and convicting today as it was that day.

We are still waiting on a home of our own.  We are still sharing my sweet in-laws home.  Most of our belongings are still in storage, and the things I want are buried deep with no hope of retrieval - except for a complete storage room evacuation.  Really I just want to get to my sewing machine and my retainer - yes I still occasionally wear a retainer at night to keep my pearly whites sort of straight.  Why it ended up packed tight in a moving box I'll never know!

We are still waiting to hear from a certain church about the assistant pastor job.  That will determine a lot of things for us: Will we move or be spending more time in B'ham?  What will that time in B'ham look like?  I keep thinking that we will know something any day now, but meditating on that thought too much can drive you crazy.

We are still waiting to find out where we will be having our second child.  Will it be in Jackson, MS at River Oaks or Birmingham, AL at Brookwood.  I can't begin to tell you how thankful I am for the two Christian doctors who are walking with me through this crazy time and listening to all of my unknowns.  Thank you Dr. M and Dr. A!!!!

Since so much right now is unpredictable, I am holding on to a few things that are predictable.  Kevin could get a job call tomorrow that could answer some of these questions, but I know that even that will not cause my waiting to come to an end.  I'll never have all of the questions answered even if the questions I have now do get answered.  I'm holding on to a few truths, though, that give my crazy world some sanity - My good Father in Heaven is in control (Matthew 6:25-34).  He knows the end from the beginning (Ephesians 1:3-10).  He will not leave me (God's promises in Joshua 1:5 & to his people throughout scripture!)

Now on to a few lesser but still predictable things that are helping to keep my world sane:

*McDonald's ice coffee with hazelnut flavoring.  It is always around $2 and so delicious.

*Zoe's Kitchen's Hummus Salad Plate - so yummy and filling!!

*Peanut Butter on Ritz crackers - my favorite anytime snack (How funny that the first 3 "predictables" are about food!  I must be pregnant!)

*My body pillow - I can't fall asleep without it due to my very large belly!

*My Nickel Creek and String Quartet stations on Pandora.  Life, no matter now sane or crazy, always needs a bit of background music!

*2 sets of grandparents who love to babysit.  What a blessing!

*My good-looking husband making me laugh.  He really is the funniest guy I know!!

*I'm sure I could scheme up some more if I sat here all day, but I'll just leave you with my last predictable that takes up most of my days (and this one has pictures).
My active little man who loves to clear out any cabinet that he can get open.  That is definitely predictable.

Here's to the Already and the Not Yet!

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