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Friday, October 14, 2011

Momma's Little Helper

If you saw my little video on my FB page or have met my sweet toddler then you are aware that he is a rather verbal child.  I know that is shocking to no one who is acquainted with his parents :)!

I thought I'd share a couple of funny conversations we have had today.

(Mom enters Weston's room to find him reading books with his pet moose.  An empty Huggies wipe container is sitting next to them.)
Mom: Weston!  Why are ALL your wipes wadded up in the trash can?
Weston: Moose need new diaper.  Wipe bomen! (toddlerese for bottom) 
             (The last statement was said with a rather teenagerish tone)
             (Wipes are then fished out of the trash can and shoved back into the container.)

(Picture after the conversation and mom's help to finish the job)

(Mom walks into the living room from the kitchen because silence has fallen upon the room.  Usually that means trouble.  She finds William in the midst of eating a playing card from the Iraqi War Criminals deck, and she finds Weston arranging DVDs on the couch.)
Mom:  Weston, what are you playing with?
Weston: DBDs
Mom:  What are you doing with them?
Weston: DBD's messy.  Weston fix!

(The original source of the DVDs and now they are fixed.)

Taking care of our animals and our entertainment!  What would I do without him!?!

Here's to a happy and talkative weekend,

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